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Buttonhook Press 2022 Chapbook Series
Mixed Forms
Irish/English Haibun

Gabriel Rosenstock

The Selborne Haibun

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Set in Garamond and Perpetua Titling and formatted in Create Space.
Made available online and/or printed in the USA and elsewhere as a novelty and commemorative document
celebrating the publication of Gabriel Rosenstock’s haibun chapbook The Selborne Haibun.


About the writer:
Gabriel Rosenstock (1949-) is a prolific writer, in Irish and English, for adults and children alike. He lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is a poet who also writes haiku, tanka, essays, novels and plays, author-translator of over 200 books. Recent titles by the author include Daybreak: poem–prayers for prisoners, a volume of tanka, Conversations with Lí Hè, a bilingual volume of poems, and A Sweater for the Tayfel a collection of ekphrastic Irish/English haiku celebrating the art of I.B. Ryback.

About the source for the prose:
The Natural History of Selborne was written by Gilbert White (1720-1793), an English parson and naturalist. It is comprised of a series of letters, both real correspondence with other contemporary naturalists and letters written expressly for inclusion in the book. It was published in 1789 and because of its charm, simplicity, and detailed depiction of pre-industrial England, has been continuously in print since.

Image: image: Landscape with Cottage by Clara Southern (1860-1940). Oil on canvas. 34.4 x 21.7 cm. Circa 1900. Public domain.

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