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2021 Chapbook Series

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O:JA&L’s Pushcart Prize Nominees

Gong Hey Fat Choy by Harriet Garfinkle


Editors’ Introduction:
Welcome to OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters and to our imprint Buttonhook Press, a small independent press located in Great Falls, Montana. We’re glad you’re here. You will find opportunities with us to enjoy an impressive array of new and established writers and artists that we bring to you from across the world. We search out the best of IG and other more traditional venues to bring you some of the most compelling writers and studio artists working today.

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Enjoy this Special Edition.
O:JA&L Editorial Team

The titles included in this chapbook were originally published in OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, LLC’s online journal in 2017.

Cover image: Gong Hey Fat Choy by Harriet Garfinkle, winner of O:JA&L’s first cover art contest. Watercolor, ink, pastel on unspecified medium. 15 X 20 inches. 2018. Used here by permission.