Buttonhook Press 2020 Chapbook Series
Flash Discourse: Fiction

Kent Dixon

Something Else About Mary

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About the writer:
Kent Dixon is a prize-winning writer with three Pushcart nominations and three Ohio Arts Council awards to his credit. His fiction and poetry have appeared in TriquarterlyThe Iowa ReviewShenandoahAntioch ReviewGettysburg ReviewGeorgia Review and others. His nonfiction has appeared in The American ProspectFlorida ReviewKansas QuarterlyEnergy Review, and others. He is recently retired from teaching Literature and Creative Writing at Wittenberg University. His graphic novel The Epic Of Gilgamesh, co-authored with his son Kevin Dixon, is in release from Seven Stories Press. He lives with his wife Mimi in Springfield, Ohio.

Image: Madonna of the Lilies (cropped) by William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905). Oil on canvas. Unknown size. 1899. Public domain.