Buttonhook Press
2020 Broadside Series

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Laurinda Lind & Thelma Pott

Later Forms/Scars on the Land (A collaboration)

Copyright © 2020 by BUTTONHOOK PRESS
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All rights reserved on behalf of Laurinda Lind and Thelma Pott.
Set in Garamond and formatted in Create Space.

Printed in the USA as a novelty and O:JA&L commemorative document celebrating the 2019 publication of Lind’s poem and Pott’s photograph.


About the writer:
Laurinda Lind lives in New York’s North Country. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Blue Earth Review, Comstock Review, New American Writing, Paterson Literary Review, Radius, Spillway, and in anthologies Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired By The Life And Work Of Bob Dylan (New Rivers Press) and Aftermath: Explorations of Loss and Grief (Radix Media). In 2018, Lind won first place in both the Keats-Shelley Prize for adult poetry and the New York State Fair poetry competition.

Image: Scars on the Land by Thelma Pott. Fine art photograph. No technical information specified. No completion date specified. By permission.

OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters originally published the contents of this pamphlet in 2019.