Mark Bolsover

(—fragment (only) from a dream. … ).

the power of the terrestrial king is gone by Emmett Corman

in the car. with them.
( … —look out. (up. over). the dash- —the wind’s screen(shield) (—large-vast.—open.

—the coast.
( … —the inside(s), of a ship(container) (vast, shadowed.—caverns over (dark). open—t’ the
sea(s) (out). …

—a port-a jetty (—?). (concrete. light.-beige-grey). … ).

(grey skies. (—ribbons-waves ‘v clouds (dark)). (loom-lowers).—grey (darker) seas-water(s).

(sky vast).


(… —(a) shadow. (shades).

falls.-slides over. … ).

black cloud.—thick(-heavy).—low (—at eye’s line-level. (parallel)).
(outside the car).

—drifts-drifting in.—from the sea’s (over—surface). …


… —small… points-pulses (pulse),… —of yellow (-gold) light. (hot). (bursts).

—puncture,—illumin-light… (—punctu-illuminrates) (—‘gainst the dark (—soot-dust-
charcoals) of the cloud(‘s body).—dirfts. … ).
(—in-with (—blue-white) flashes (electric)? … ).

Are those thunder storms? (—lightning? (flashes)).

—drifts past-by (to our left (side) past). …

… —spiral (—twisting) ribbon(-plume)-a snaking of cloud.
(follows.—in-from the sea(s). grey. … ).
illumin-puncturated, with gold-yellow fire (pulses-lightning)

—the storm.

after. (brings). …
—a-the tidal wave.
(… —vast. … (towers-arches-rushing.—th’-entire ocean-sea‘s (body).
—towers (to loom)—over. …
(force-… heft-energy—power. … ). … ).

—will kill us.


About the writer:
Mark Bolsover is a freelance writer, living and working in Edinburgh. He has short experimental work published and forthcoming in a number of international literary magazines. His piece, “eye contact (or,… —an only optical love),” was a winner of the inaugural Into the Void Poetry Competition (2016). Bolsover’s debut chapbook, IN FAILURE & IN RUINS—dreams & fragments, is published with Into the Void Press (Dublin & Toronto, May 2017), and his first collection, contra FLUX.—moments caught (arrested) whilst in-from motion., is published with Polyversity Press (Graz/London, July 2019).

Image: the power of the terrestrial king is gone by Emmett Corman. Digital image. No technical information specified. 2019. By permission. Emmett Corman is a digital artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.