Matheus Barreto

Artist Portfolio Spotlight: “The Bozorio Project

@bozorio is the visual signature of Matheus Barreto, a 25-year-old Brazilian interdisciplinary art student at Federal University of Southern Bahia(UFSB) in Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil. Barreto is photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. The artworks presented here and at the artist’s online portfolio have been produced and edited in smartphones. The intention behind that strategy is to persuade the viewer to develop a way to personally recognize, record, and interpret the infinite and and ordinary beauty of the world in which we live. One of the things that encourage the recognition and interpretation of beauty in the world is the unconventional use of tools and technologies that surround us to transform our day-to-day reality into a beautiful experience to improve our lives. 

Contact with nature teaches us how to see and respect the world as a living organism. Only that way is it possible to perceive, almost like mystics and shamans, the beauty in the ordinary environments that surround and influence us; to realize that the elements that give us physical form are the same that shape everything in the universe; to understand that every organism known and unknown, seen and unseen, is intimately connected to us through a unified web of forces and events that are individually perceived as separate and distinct. 

Through the contact with art, we have a chance to educate ourselves and acquire and reinforce positive values that improve our appreciation of the world and of each other and consequently to improve all of society. The acceptance of life as an unpredictable series of events creates in us a resilience and an adaptability that enables us to accept and assimilate whatever may occur. In the Bozorio Project, the body and mind, the textures and tones, the atmospheres and moods blend surreally with our personal environments and landscapes to gain a life of their own.