Jason Dean Arnold

Fragile, Fluctuating Center

Winter Sunday by Jacob Berghoef

Covering rabbits with shapes is only one way
to change the landscape of our refrigerator.
There may be infinite solutions constructed by moving
the magnetic shapes. I often wonder
if intentionality plays a role, magnetic or otherwise.
Shapes are identified, easily named
while rabbits remain mysterious in wild movement.
Less of life seems controlled, more chaos
than music, despite the disproportionate number
of shapes to anything animal or becoming.
Driving home via a new route, I saw a sign
that read: Little Rain Lake.

My mind wandered awhile, though I can’t recall where.
The world looms larger than my imagination. Maybe
it devoured me as I continued to navigate the road.
I remember so little these days
without the incessant prompting of the rectangle
in my pocket. I could have left my car parked
on the shoulder, walked to the water, seen it
with my own eyes. I could have searched
for it on my device, viewed it from overhead
or from one of probably many photos tagged
over time as others explored its territory. I did not.
Preferring mystery, I left the lake to linger
as potential, as rhythm:
Little     Rain     Lake
Little     Rain     Lake
Little     Rain     Lake


About the writer:
Jason Dean Arnold’s entire career has been devoted to the importance of education, from teaching in the K-12 setting to designing and teaching online courses for post secondary. He currently serves as the directorfor E-Learning, Technology, and Communications at the University of Florida’s College of Education. Jason has no ability to compartmentalize. As a result, his writing, visual artwork, and music (and other creative output) are all extensions of his love for learning. His most recent poetry chapbook, While this Human Engine Waits (2018), was published by Epigraph Magazine.

Image: Winter Sunday by Jacob Berghoef. Fine art photograph. No technical information specified. By 2019. By permission.