Featured Screenplay: Henry Presente’s “Red Jello”

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“The Circus Comes to Treport” by Hugh Collins (1865-1932). Watercolor on paper. Public domain.

Henry Presente


Red Jello


During a particularly bad day when everything goes wrong, a man who runs a wish-fulfillment company gets a new perspective on his life.





About the writer:
Henry Presente has published a short story collection called Personal Earthquakes (with Czykmate Productions), and more fiction with Harpur Palate, The Columbia Review, The MacGuffin, Four Chambers, SmokeLong Quarterly, and others. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, helped save enough energy to power 1 million homes for 1 year, and once led a spontaneously formed conga line–fearlessly and with no regard for tomorrow.

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