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Submission guidelines and current calls for submissions

About Open: Journal of Arts & Letters

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters is a privately-owned publication that offers a range of contemporary aesthetic experiences made available through several media platforms. Open: Journal of Arts & Letters has as its primary ambition to gather, publish, and popularize notable contemporary writing and other fine arts and to promote the work of its contributors to a varied and discerning audience in the English-speaking world and beyond. Open: Journal of Arts & Letters offers its audience the opportunity to sample an array of artistic expressions presented in several media by both emerging and established contemporary artists, writers, musicians, and videographers from around the world. 

What to Submit:

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters will consider submissions of previously unpublished original work in flash fiction, creative nonfiction as essay or memoir, poetry in all styles and genres, as well as submissions of prose, poetry, and drama as audio or video files.  Open: Journal of Arts & Letters will also consider queries for appropriate academic articles, long fiction suitable for serial publication, craft essays, book reviews, art/gallery reviews, music reviews, arts collaborations, and interviews with artists, musicians, photographers, poets, videographers, writers, and others.