Portfolio Spotlight: Mixed Media Art by Elena Anastasiou

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Studio Arts/Mixed Media:
Elena Anastasiou

“Metamorphosis IX” by Elena Anastasiou



In the artist’s own words:
“There was a calling. Always a calling from as long I can remember. My viewpoint always differed from those around me; more complex, more layered, more seeking. Just more. The calling longed for art. And when art has a hold on your soul, the thirst to create is grand. So how do I quench such a thirst? If I’m lucky, it never quenches and the calling never subsides. It just becomes more profound and multifaceted making me more loyal to my trajectory. And the journey cannot be but one of maturity and self-exploration. Largely self taught, I have experimented greatly in sole hours studying the work of renowned artists and drawing inspiration from. With the use of weekly art studio sessions, I have found how to incorporate these inspirations into my own art work. Hence, my new series Metamorphosis depicts, with the use of a floral crown,how women take on by nature and nurture various roles. This evidently alters their true essence. The use of geometric shapes has helped me seek the predominant nature of each female, which I then illustrated in geometric animal form.”

Elena Anastasiou





“Metamorphosis XI” by Anastasiou Neokleous

“Metamorphosis XIV” by Elena Anastasiou






















“Metamorphosis XIII” by Elena Anastasiou Neokleous

“Metamorphosis” by Elena Anastasiou Neokleous


“Metamorphosis XI” by Elena Anastasiou Neokleous

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