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“Untitled transparency SN1” from the Exodus series.


An overview of the life and work of Olivier Fonteau

French artist Olivier Fonteau was born in 1975 on the Caribbean island of Martinique. He studied architecture for two years in Strasbourg. He then lived for a time in Granada, Spain, in the historic neighborhood of “El Albaicin, to perfect his knowledge of the Spanish language. His sense of cultural beauty was here reinforced each day through the “Cante Hondo,” Flamenco dance, and artists from around the world who came to this great cultural site.



“Exodus: Untitled Movement” from the Exodus series




After his return to France, Fonteau’s drawing, painting and sculpture gave way to more commercial activities though he continued to pursue other forms of art in his quest to discover the “Principle of Creation” that Shitao named “The Unique Brush Stroke.” He also spent time developing his skills of photography and writing at this time.






“Exodus portrait, Untitled,” A3 Bristol paper, China Ink, acrylic, volcanic sand.



Photography became for Fonteau another showcase for his creativity. In 2005, after his return to Martinique, he used these skills to make album covers for musicians, reports for the press, commissioned images for advertising agencies and for specialized mass production projects. He also collaborated on media ventures, performing voice-overs for television shows and commercials.






“The Exodus of the Titians.” 40X60cm canvas Acrylique iridescent, China Ink, Volcanic sand




By 2016 he had decided to devote himself fully to painting and sculpture. His works are a tribute to his Caribbean, African, and European ancestry and the co-mingling of the eastern brush stroke with medieval style is achieved based on a triptych of light, vibration and energy.







“Le regard du lecteur ” (The looking of the reader), 90x116cm. Acrylic and volcanic sand.




“I do not paint for myself but for a heart that, somewhere on earth, has asked the Universe for it. I’m just waiting to know with whom she will fall in Love … ”





His work is available for purchase.

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