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Marie Dashkova: Sensations and Moods


My name is Marie Dashkova. I am a 24-year-old photographer from Russia, and I’d like to tell you how I create my art.



Ideas & Concepts
I don’t know where the ideas start, maybe from the atmosphere, where we can share common sensations and moods, maybe sometimes from the unique object– maybe old toys, lamps, weapons, any vintage detail– maybe sometimes from the appearance of the perfect model. Maybe sometimes I just want to fix in an image something I imagined or dreamed.





The Role of Models

Each model is unique. I work with professionals and with people who stand for the first time in front of the camera. I always try to match each new photo concept exactly to each model, both to inspire the model’s performance and to help make her unique body language communicate its messages clearly.







I think that a model is herself one of the tools of expression. Therefore, I try to make each model feel comfortable because the human face reflects everything, and the emotional state of the model translates directly into the photo. Sometimes I can help make the process fun. Always I try to make each model feel her work is valued.

I prefer to photograph girls because they are more interested in participating in what I do. I think the nature of woman is naturally mysterious, and as subjects girls are open-minded and are not shy during the sessions. Although I have some male models in my portfolio, boys generally don’t like the process. I often see unhappy grooms during wedding shoots, and their faces express much discomfort in being the subjects of photography.









The Image

Each image is the result of the care and labors of the entire team – me, the model, and the make-up artist. As an artist, I prefer to work with a limited number of familiar people that I know I can rely on. This makes most outcomes reasonably predictable. I feel nervous working with people I don’t know.








Dashkova Gallery

Marie Dashkova is a portrait photographer whose work always invites the viewer into a symbiosis of creation between model and photographer, a symbiosis that sometimes reflects playfulness and sometimes reflects pensive, moody, even somber tones, especially in her religion-themed works. Her empathetic style of photography explains her preference for models– women roughly her own age– with whom she collaborates to create evocative images that often have their genesis in Dashkova‘s dreams.    JL Jacobs, O:JA&L Art Director

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