Poetry in Performance: Rivky G’s “Final Closing Number (Catch 22)”

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Rivky G

Final Closing Number
(Catch 22)

(Hear it performed)

“Tefellin Nude” by Rivky G

I never fully fathom
What these little feathers tweet.
Another feed, another blow
Dragging loudly in the street.
Chirping things I do not know
Offering nothing simply nothing –
But something to excrete.

By the fame, by the frame inside your talking cell.
In the flame, we’re all the same,
Such a shame inside a facebook shell.
Netflix welling up my mind,
Paying by the dime
And time again, waiting by the lion’s den.
And ads are selling, one by one,
No one’s yelling, I’m *mispeling,
Always *txting, waiting for the next thing.
Oh, what is it?

These days inside of nights and
Days of light and nights picking fights
In the state of an affair with both of them.
For the love of us, them, you, who, metoo
Humanity is restless.
What are we in?
Why have we possessed such a nature?
For who?
For the land we live in?
For the world we keep safely under our pillow?

But the feathers have all but blew
To the upward winds, with a sleight of wing
You can hear him sing,
He’s a catch, a 22
Ticking, timeless,
Common Cuckoo.

Another Carob Spring turns over
A sweet honey be that as it come to May
I can already feel the warmth, sticky, oozing
From the hive.
Nesting in my ear.
Above the jive,
Resting in the clear.
How clear is my head, really?
How clear is anyone’s, really?
To stop.
To question.
To wonder.
Am I being good enough today?
Bold enough today?
Bad today?
Flip a coin.
Take a side.
Any side.
Don’t worry, don’t be fooled
They’re both right.
They’re both wrong, it’s trending.
You’re safe on my side
Protected, we’re pretending.
From who?
I don’t know.
Them bad ones.
No, no, no, no, no wait
Them good ones,
I don’t know,
Just safe from harm,
Stay close… Change is a’ comin.
One people at a time.
One nation at a time.
One religion at a time.
One tradition at a time.
One country at a time.
One voyage at a time.
One evolution.
One solution
No solution
One solution
No solution
One need at a time.
It always does.

In a day, a month, a year,
A decade, century, millennium,
A myth, dynasty, a kingdom,
An inquisition, coup d’etat, revolt,
Coup d’etat revolt, coup d’etat,
Crusade, a bomb, a weapon,
War, march, movement
War, march, movement,
War march, movement.

Humanity is restless. What will it be?
That burns in our breath…
What will it be….
Humanity is restless…
Falling falling closing slumber.
He’s a catch.
A 22
Final closing number…
(Ticking, timeless, common Cuckoo…)


About the writer/performer:
Rivky G is a writer-singer-banterer with peculiar lyrical ingenuity, painting, piano’ing, writing, singing, trained in none. A Jaques Brelian/Kurt Weill/Freddie Mercury nostalgia, living with schizophrenia, candid, funny, dark-witted, quirky, theatrical, a prodigy invited Off-Broadway in 2013 where began the kickstart album with her friend and two fingered cellist Brian Sanders, (yes, a comically fated cripple and a kook duo at their finest), performing at The Kennedy Center, stages featuring Suzanne Vega and her latest song produced by Grammy winning Amy Lee, Evanescence. This year Rivky’s music has been selected for the “Women Of Note” concert in NYC. Rivky grew up living in an Hasidic “Amish” like community, born to a Venezuelan mother and an Israeli father, mixing up some Ay dios and Oy Vey cocktails everywhere. Rivky is also a self taught painter and writer whose works have been exhibited and sold to well-known collectors like Karl Hagberg, Sheila and James Gray, former president of Macy’s. Her essays have been selected for various publications, like Harvard’s literary magazine, The Mighty, Coffin Bell Journal, among others, including a scholarship award for The Full Moon Arts residency in The Hamptons, and a most wild adventure meeting Dr. Patch Adams, (a.k.a. Robin Williams film), and his “Gesundheit!” Institute for creative healing in medicine! Currently Rivky’s songs have been selected for an upcoming Musical in development. You can find out more or less, equally, at the 2019 social media sites that stifle our healthy living.

Image: “Tefellin Nude” by Rivky G. Acrylic on unspecified medium. Unspecified size. Unspecified date of completion. By permission.

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