Poetry: Wes Civilz’s “The Glass Vase”

////Poetry: Wes Civilz’s “The Glass Vase”

Wes Civilz

The Glass Vase

“Treachery” by Nismah Shargawi

The glass vase and its water are colorless as air

See-through, except
for one blue shocking tulip

The green stalk splits
in two at the waterline

Illusion’s tender blip


No one thinks I suffer

She doesn’t think I suffer

That thing doesn’t think I suffer,
that vase with its
blue tulip


About the writer:
Wes Civilz lives in Vermont. His writing has appeared in journals such as The Antioch Review, Arts & Letters, The Threepenny Review, Entropy, and New Ohio Review.

Image: “Treachery” by Nismah Shargawi. Digital art. No other information specified. By permission.


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