Poetry: Stan Sanvel Rubin’s “Amuse Bouche”

////Poetry: Stan Sanvel Rubin’s “Amuse Bouche”

Amuse Bouche
Stan Sanvel Rubin

“Pedera III.” Photograph by Linda Chapman.

Put your memories
on my tray.

Let me pass through
like someone anonymous

offering wine.
When I am gone

you will remember
the momentary taste,

the exquisite




About the writer:
Stan Sanvel Rubin’s poems have appeared in such magazines as The Georgia Review, Kenyon Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Poetry Northwest, Ascent, One, and others. His fourth full collection, There. Here., was published by Lost Horse Press in 2013. His third, Hidden Sequel (2006), won the Barrow Street Poetry Book Prize. He lives on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.

Image: “Pedrera III”  by Linda Chapman, London. Photograph.
Chapman is based in London, UK and has exhibited widely in London and around the UK. Recently she has concentrated on art photography and sculpture. Exploring a variety of subjects and materials and a combination of visual and verbal allusions to trigger metaphors and personal associations, she aims to reinvigorate the lives of everyday things.

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