Poetry: Ken Olson’s “Dog Star”

////Poetry: Ken Olson’s “Dog Star”

Ken Olson


Dog Star

“The Chevy Chase: Hartburn” by William Hamilton




dog star

a mockingbird’s song
close enough to touch





About the writer:
Ken Olson is a Vietnam War veteran and native of the Pacific Northwest. He started writing short stories in grade school and has been writing Haiku poetry since early 2013. His work has been published in the major Haiku print & online journals in the U.S., England, and Australia and has been selected for the Red Moon Anthology three times.

Image: “The Chevy Chase II: Hartburn” (Stag River) by William Hamilton. Looking up the Hart (deer) valley in the Cheviot hills, the ancient hunting ground disputed between the Douglas (Scottish) and Percy (English) families.


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