Poetry: Julie Ann Wenglinski’s “Knocked Out”

////Poetry: Julie Ann Wenglinski’s “Knocked Out”

Knocked Out
Julie Ann Wenglinski

“Stanton Street” by Trevor Messersmith.



I love a needled sleep,
an escape from dread regret,
and the blood-stink of my cuts.
I want to spill beneath the light
the wrench and stab of daily din
through an underwater blur
for a fleeting lull from living.






About the writer:
Julie Ann Wenglinski is from St. Louis. She worked 30 years in IT in Richmond, Virginia, and now writes from life about struggle and humor, the meaning of things or the lack of meaning, the arbitrary, the absurd. Wenglinski has been published in Masque & Spectacle, Nonbinary Review, Inflectionist Review, The Switchgrass Review, Unmasked Anthology and others.

“Stanton Street” by Trevor Messersmith. Multimedia image. Trevor Messersmith is a New York-based photographer and graphic designer. He started the company 80east Design in 2002 to consolidate his interests in design, photography, and digital media. His photographs have been exhibited internationally in more than 80 shows.

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