Poetry: Jessica Beyer’s “1989”

////Poetry: Jessica Beyer’s “1989”

Jessica Beyer




The year that for me was entirely you—anticipation, birth, flicker of sisterhood, death—for others was the year the Berlin Wall came down. It was the year of the Exon Valdez & Batman on the big screen. The year Ronald Regan said farewell, Moscow built its first McDonald’s, & the bereaved stormed the Ayatollah’s funeral, trying to touch him. The year Taylor Swift & 130 million other babies were born under the sign of the snake. The year of plane crashes, cold fusion, historic elections, & gay photography exhibitions. The year of the Stockton school shooting, in a decade we remember as not having such things. The year of Tiananmen Square, the Singing Rebellion, & the first black American governor. The year the world mourned Salvador Dali, Lucille Ball, Samuel Beckett, & didn’t mourn Ted Bundy. The beginning of the end of apartheid. Iran put a fatwa on Salman Rushdie, Iceland legalized beer, & the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize. The year of reckonings & searches. I was searching too, learning concepts like boarder & impermanence. Opening a child’s lens to the ignited world.




About the writer:
Jessica Beyer is a writer and educator from Baltimore. Her poems have appeared in Muse/AThe Adroit JournaldecomP, Exposition Review, and elsewhere. Beyer has an MFA from NYU and a BA from Emory.

Image: An alternative version of “Be That As It May” by Raymond Parry.



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