Poetry: Elisabeth Horan’s “Prosegasm”

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Elisabeth Horan

Image by Willam Zuback. williamzubackphotographs.com

Time for something not akin to boredom, not anything like dormant. Time to flip up your coattails and pull down your trousers and kick off those spats. Place carefully that fitbit and iphone and kindle and remote starter; your ear-buds, your change – on the counter.

Back to the deed.

You won’t really die, will you? Is this rendering rose; this flush of cheeks normal – this pinch, this tickle; this trillium quiver? Lift off – sparks! Snails coalescing – coma victims responding – dams overflowing – trains honking warnings – new hope abounds all across the span of her wide open country, like a fly opens its wings over a trout biting. In the desert a cactus rose is unfolding. A diamondback’s tail shakes a warning. A stroke = limp body. Jaws agape for the lizard swallowing.

Your process – your measurements – all your high notes! I blinked, it is was over; all of these hijinks – done, forever. I’m going back to the tv -please collect up your armament of things, and kindly not call me tomorrow.



About the writer:
Elisabeth J. Ferrell-Horan is a poet, mother, student and teacher from Vermont, who enjoys working with horses and spending time with her two young sons. Elisabeth has poems published at Quail Bell Magazine, The Murmur House, The Occulum, The Rat’s Ass Journal and Algebra of Owls among other fine journals. She teaches English at River Valley Community College.
Follow her @ehoranpoet

About the Image/Artist:
We are very pleased to feature the images of Willam Zuback. Follow him for more @williamzubackphotographs.

In the Artist’s own words: 
I have been a professional photographer for almost 30 years. I have a BA in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. My artistic influences began in my teens with my appreciation for great album art of the late 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s. Additionally, I was influenced by concept albums during that same time period. I liked these musical constructs that extended the narrative past a single song. Photographs and words. Photographs are what I create, words inspire me. What a beautiful union they often times make. I’m known for my nude portraits but I also create many still life tableaux. The majority of my work expresses the identity of individuals, groups, and family.

All of my photographs are taken in my home studio, affectionately called BacktotheZu Studios. I’m amazed that all of my images are created in this small out building of approximately 400 sq ft. Half of this space is dedicated to a sitting area where I’m lucky to sip whiskey with many friends and fellow artists.

I go back and forth between digital and analog photography. All of these images are digital. I’m not fixated on equipment. Lighting is usually one light source, either natural light through a studio window, strobe, or incandescent. Ideas dictate the technical direction of my photography.







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