Poetry: Marcia J Pradzinski’s “In Waves”       

////Poetry: Marcia J Pradzinski’s “In Waves”       

Marcia J Pradzinski


In Waves       
     ~after Eleni Sikelianos

A red longing feathers my arms

“Sunset” by Felix Valloton

when I hear the word sunset,

not sunset but sculling:
to drown the day’s wounds

I drop the oars down and hear

a loon

I feel the song pull away

from my heart

to hide under the wings

of a ghost

in moon’s crisp light –

the notes casting a supple shadow.


About the writer:
Marcia J Pradzinski, an award-winning poet, lives in Skokie, Illinois. Her poems have appeared online, in print journals and anthologies. Her most recent publications have been featured in Paper Swans Press UK, Pirene’s Fountain, and Red Eft Review. Her chapbook Left Behind was published by Finishing Line Press in 2015.

Image:Sunset” by Felix Valloton (1865-1925). Oil on canvas. Unknown date. Public domain.

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