Poetry: AKA Louis’s “J’ai trouvé “

////Poetry: AKA Louis’s “J’ai trouvé “

AKA Louis


J’ai trouvé 

“Gazellen” by Franz Marc

J’ai trouvé
Ma Liberté

En dansant
La Transe
Du Vin_

Au Milieu
Des Gazelles…


I’ve found
My Freedom

By dancing
The Trance
Of Wine

In the Midst
Of Gazelles…



About the writer:
AKA Louis (Cedric Monteiro) is a poet and illustrator from Val de Marne, France. Monteiro is a professional musician under a different pseudonym. He has published ten books of poetry.

Image:Gazellen” by Franz Marc (1880-1916). Painting. 55.5 x 71 cm. 1913. Public domain.

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