Mixed Forms: Robin Smith’s Haibun “fragments with periods”

////Mixed Forms: Robin Smith’s Haibun “fragments with periods”

Robin Smith


fragments with periods

“Abstract– 1637” by Jay Bonifield


green polka dot hair. chem major. making LSD. taking LSD. in a tent. with flashlights. and exacto pens. carving the sea. into my arm. atop the water tower. looking down. I sing to the echo. of myself. of no one. grabbing for a star. I miss…

backseat of a stranger’s car things I leave behind



About the writer:
Robin Smith is an emerging disabled writer and visual artist in Wilmington, DE. Her work appears in a variety of international online and print journals including Blithe Spirit, Frogpond, and Hedgerow, as well as Unsealing Our Secrets: A Short Poem Anthology About Sexual Abuse.

Image: “Abstract– 1637” by Jay Bonifield. Oil on canvas. Bonifield is a professional artist who graduated from University of California with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1969.


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