Featured Artist Deborah Norton, a pairing with Beth Gordon’s poem “Conversation with a Nightmare “

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Beth Gordon

Conversation with a Nightmare 


“Home” by Deborah Norton

i.                                                                         ii.

you tell me dreaming is process                   you must arrange
test tubes and mazes                                      in alphabetical order

so the murderers cannot find you                create chemical reactions
change the color of your eyes                      quantify scientific methods

avoiding the inevitable monster                  in the closet they had guns
you say they wanted to shoot me                and I could not stop the wolf

you hide inside a box inside                         his belly, his skinned carcass,
half dead leaves in the forest                       that begins to burn, we discuss

the nuances of disguise                               sheep or goat, the way
I, somnambulist, must wander                    hallways of decapitated rooms

Hitchcockian showers until we                   meet in this kitchen with daylight
find dogs, boiled eggs, coffee                     and cats, spider bites on our arms


About the writer:
Beth Gordon received her MFA from American University a long time ago and was not heard from again until 2017 when her poems began to appear in numerous journals including Into the Void, Outlook Springs, Drunk Monkeys, Verity La and After Happy Hour Review. Her poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. She is also Poetry Editor of Gone Lawn.

Image: “Home” from The Individual series by Deborah Norton. Oil and mixed media on Masonite. 24 x 24 inches. Norton is best known for her layered mixed media oil paintings. Inspired by expressionism including the “combines” of Rauschenberg and the raw figurative paintings of Schiele, Norton experiments with translucent paint layers, color and mixed media to expose life and its’ always changing expression. Deborah Norton is O:JA&L’s “Featured Artist” for March 2019.