September 2019

Featured Series of Close Readings: A Close Reading of Heinrich Boll’s “The Laugher” by Pamelyn Casto

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Pamelyn Casto A Close Reading of Heinrich Bőll’s “The Laugher” Read the story. Or read it in Short Shorts: An Anthology of the Shortest Stories, edited by Irving Howe and Illana Wiener Howe. Bantam 1982. [...]

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Featured Writer: Poet Devon Balwit’s “Both”

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Devon Balwit Both Like Wagner before him, [Nolde] was both a vicious anti-Semite and a revolutionary creative figure.                                                                                     Jonathan Jones (Feb 2018, The Guardian) "The Mocking of Christ" by Emil Nolde Luminous [...]

April 2019

Featured Performance Artist: Contributing Editor Vera Falenko talks with composer and pianist Ilya Beshevlí

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Contributing Editor Vera Falenko Arts & Letters of Moscow Featured Artist Interview: Composer Ilya Beshevlí Ilya Beshevli is a Russian composer born in Siberia, and his music as well as his artistic story deserves to be [...]

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