April 2019

Poetry in Performance: Mandla Phakathi’s “Memories in a Dark Room”

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Mandlenkosi Phakathi Memories in a Dark Room See the performance on the O:JA&L Youtube channel. 'Information" by Kateryna Bortsova   I’ve seen life through different eyes, Lies told for protection, Empty feelings in [...]

Performance Art: Editorial Intern/Contributing Editor Nureni Ibrahim talks with spoken-word artist Hassana Maina

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Editorial Intern/Contributing Editor Nureni Ibrahim Arts and Letters of Africa (Nigeria focus) Spoken-word Artist Interview: HASSANA UMORU MAINA  Hassana Umoru Maina was born on 17th of April. She is in her final year at the [...]

Featured Performance Artist: Contributing Editor Vera Falenko talks with composer and pianist Ilya Beshevlí

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Contributing Editor Vera Falenko Arts & Letters of Moscow Featured Artist Interview: Composer Ilya Beshevlí Ilya Beshevli is a Russian composer born in Siberia, and his music as well as his artistic story deserves to be [...]

Flash Fiction/Dramatic Monologue: Mark Blickley’s “Valadon: Reclining Nude”

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Mark Blickley Valadon: Reclining Nude A spotlight comes up on VALADON reclining nude and completely covered beneath a sheet that’s pulled up over her head, signifying her death.  Suddenly, she springs up naked from the [...]

November 2018

Performance Arts: Opportunity for communications and theater arts majors to build a broadcast resume

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Performance Arts/Communications Opportunity OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters (O:JA&L), a new multi-platform journal, has immediate need for a volunteer Editorial Assistant: ORAL INTERPRETATION SPECIALIST (intern) with near-native fluency in English. Are you an emerging actor or theater arts [...]