October 2018

Haibun Feature: Contributing Editor Pamelyn Casto’s Essay “On the Road with Haibun”

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Pamelyn Casto   On the Road With Haibun* "The Moon Bridge at Kameido" by Helen Hyde Haibun: A Rigorous Literary Art Combining Prose and Haiku (& Sometimes Haiga) As with any complicated art [...]

July 2018

Essay: Susan L. Leary’s “That’s the Wonder of It: On the Debate of ‘Does Poetry Matter?’”

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That’s the Wonder of It: On the Debate of “Does Poetry Matter?” Susan L. Leary "Lagniappe" by Gery Kempczynski I have always been somewhat of a lone wolf. Perhaps this has something to [...]

June 2018

CNF: Kathleen Vail’s New Translation of C.P. Cavafy’s “The Horses of Achilles”

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Kathleen Vail "The Horses of Achilles" by C. P. Cavafy: A New Translation "The Death of Patroclus," Illustration from page 265 of the Iliad of Homer translated by Pope (1715). Colorized by Kathleen Vail [...]

April 2018

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January 2018

Flash Fiction: Pamelyn Casto’s Annotated Reading List

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FLASH FICTION/SUDDEN FICTION/SHORT-SHORT FICTION ANTHOLOGIES, COLLECTIONS, AND ANALYSIS/ INSTRUCTION BOOKS by Pamelyn Casto "Poor Artist's Cupboard" by Charles Bird King This is a selection of anthologies, collections, instruction books that I have picked [...]

October 2017

Essay: Pamelyn Casto’s “Flash Fiction: Brief And (Likely) Necessary Literature”

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Brief And (Likely) Necessary Literature Pamelyn Casto Alfred Polgar, a noted Viennese intellectual and master of the short form, makes a good case for the rising popularity and even necessity of modern-day flash fiction when [...]

Featured Writer: Terry Lucas’s Essay “The Future of American Poetry in the Twenty-first Century: Trajectories of Content and Form”*

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The Widening Spell The Future of American Poetry in the Twenty-first Century: Trajectories of Content and Form* Terry Lucas   American poetry today: Context Such it is when speaking of the future of poetry. It [...]