June 2019

Featured Artist: Contributing Editor Vera Falenko Talks with Russian Artist Azam Atakhanov

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Contributing Editor Vera Falenko Featured Artist Interview: Azam Atakhanov  Azam Atakhanov was born in Dushanbe in 1964 and in 1983 finished the Republican Art School and went to Moscow. In the capital of Russia, he [...]

Literary Tourism: Contributing Editor Jim Weitz on the Taiwanese-themed work A Pail of Oysters by Vern Sneider

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Contributing Editor Jim Weitz Literary Tourism: A Pail of Oysters by Vern Sneider Vern Sneider was a 1950’s writer whose hands-on experience in post-WWII reconstruction helped form the storylines for his novels. The U.S. Army [...]

May 2019

Featured Writer Interview: Contributing Editor Vera Falenko talks with American poet Kate Hanson Foster

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Vera Falenko, Contributing Editor Interview with Featured Writer Kate Hanson Foster Kate Hanson Foster's first book of poems, Mid Drift, was published by Loom Press and was a finalist for the Massachusetts Center for the Book [...]

Featured Writer: Poet Kate Hanson Foster’s Craft Essay “Crow Funerals and the Loss of Meaning”

By | 2019-05-26T12:14:58+00:00 May 26th, 2019|FEATURED, FEATURED WRITERS, FEATURED WRITERS, LITERARY ARTS, Lyric, Narrative, Nonfiction, Personal Essay, Poetry|

Kate Hanson Foster Crow Funerals and the Loss of Meaning "Rooks have Returned" by Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov “Do crows mourn their dead?” a poster of an online video asked. The video was called [...]

Essay: Associate Editor Pamelyn Casto’s “THE MYTH-ING LINK (OR LINKING UP TO MYTH)”

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Pamelyn Casto THE MYTH-ING LINK  (OR LINKING UP TO MYTH) An updated version of the article that originally appeared in Field Guide to Writing Flash fiction: Tips From Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field. [...]

April 2019

Special Announcements: Contest Call for Submissions

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CONTEST CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS IN FLASH DISCOURSE $200 (USD) CASH PRIZE AN ENTRY FEE OF $4.97 (USD) APPLIES. CONTEST OPENS May 1 CONTEST CLOSES July 10 or when 100 submissions have been received. Open: Journal [...]

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