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“Experimental Discourse” Feature: CE WJP Newnham talks with Catherine Noske, Editor of Westerly Magazine at the University of Western Australia

By | 2019-04-17T11:55:16+00:00 April 17th, 2019|Academic, CNF, Experimental Discourse, FEATURED, FEATURED WRITERS, Fiction, Flash Fiction, INTERVIEWS, LITERARY ARTS, Memoir, Mixed Forms, Nonfiction, Personal Essay, Short Story, Writers|

Experimental Discourse Featured Interview: An Academic Perspective Contributing Editor Warwick Newnham talks with Catherine Noske Catherine Noske is a lecturer in Creative Writing and editor of Westerly Magazine at the University of Western Australia. Her research focuses on contemporary [...]

Flash Fiction/Dramatic Monologue: Mark Blickley’s “Valadon: Reclining Nude”

By | 2019-04-09T17:32:01+00:00 April 9th, 2019|Drama, Drama for stage and play, Fiction, Flash Fiction, LITERARY ARTS, Mixed Forms, Other, Other, PERFORMANCE ARTS, THEATER ARTS|

Mark Blickley Valadon: Reclining Nude A spotlight comes up on VALADON reclining nude and completely covered beneath a sheet that’s pulled up over her head, signifying her death.  Suddenly, she springs up naked from the [...]

February 2019

December 2018

Experimental Media: Christy Sheffield Sanford’s “Lock Stitch or Philomela”

By | 2019-04-12T21:25:05+00:00 December 10th, 2018|Digital Arts, Lyric, Mixed Forms, Mixed Media, Narrative, Poetry, STUDIO ARTS|

Christy Sheffield Sanford Lock Stitch or Philomela "Lock Stitch or Philomela" by Christy Sheffield Sanford is an experimental retelling of a story from Ovid's Metamorphoses. "This is the fourth of ten films. Birds, hems, and [...]

OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters Announces Its Slate of Pushcart Nominees

By | 2018-12-02T19:08:47+00:00 December 2nd, 2018|CNF, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Haibun, LITERARY ARTS, Lyric, Memoir, Mixed Forms, Narrative, Nonfiction, Personal Essay, Poetry, Short Story|

O:JA&L Nominees for 2019 Pushcart Prize NOMINATIONS LIST "A Paris Street Show" by Gabriel Jacques de Saint-Aubin E.D. Watson's flash “Expecting” http://ojalart.com/literary-arts/fiction/flash-fiction/flash-fiction-e-d-watsons-expecting/ Erik Harper Klass's short story “City as Museum (Turkish 1)” http://ojalart.com/literary-arts/fiction/short-story/short-story-klass/ [...]

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