Available Titles: WILE: Sketches from Nature, A Collection of Haibun by Jeff Streeby

///Available Titles: WILE: Sketches from Nature, A Collection of Haibun by Jeff Streeby





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Cynthia Rowe, Editor: Haiku Xpressions Past President: Australian Haiku Society



Jeff Streeby’s WILE: Sketches from Nature

“Over the years I have read and published countless haiku, a substantial number of haibun, and Wile: Sketches from Nature stands out as a powerful body of work. The reader will dip into this collection time and again, only to unearth something new, to take a fresh view of the biosphere—its challenges and intricacies. Worth visiting and revisiting.”







Paresh Tiwari, author of Raindrops Chasing Raindrops


Jeff Streeby’s WILE: Sketches from Nature

On the surface, the chapbook deals intimately and exclusively with the North American outdoor life. It enchants you with precise descriptions of the marshes and the reeds, with intimate insights into the nature of the coyotes and the raccoons, but to me Wile has opened a far deeper portal –comprehension of human nature itself.








Jeff Streeby’s WILE: Sketches from Nature




Like his prose, many of the author’s haiku also capture the wonder of the natural world. They range from the musical (using assonance, consonance, and internal rhyme) . . .

The willow killer
bargello of yellow leaves
decks the Pere Marquette

. . . to the strongly sensory . . .

Sweetgrass, juniper, sage and pine, black cottonwood—
spring’s fragrant resins

. . . . to the outright magical:

Whitetail season
between one breath and the next
a buck in the clearing

Time spent with this intriguing collection of haibun is like a visit with a fascinating, somewhat world-weary uncle who has lived close to the land he loves and is as contemplative as he is knowledgeable.

Bill Waters


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