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We have two guiding principles. 1) To promote and publicize our artists and writers aggressively through social media to an appreciative audience of devoted, generous patrons, and 2) To create an atmosphere without hostility wherein important conversations concerning the arts and the human condition may be carried on rationally and civilly, away from the ideological echo chambers of contemporary world politics. We want to showcase the best visual and literary art out there. Period.

July 2019

ВНИМАНИЕ: Период подачи работ На русском языке Завершился

By | 2019-07-10T15:53:12+00:00 July 10th, 2019|LITERARY ARTS, Special Announcements|

ВНИМАНИЕ: Период подачи работ  На русском языке Завершился Следующая дата подачи работ - 1 января 2020 года.  Писатели всё ещё могут отправлять свои работы на русском языке в любую категорию журнала O:JA&L в любое время [...]

Special Announcement: The Call for Submissions in Russian Language is Closed

By | 2019-07-03T15:34:36+00:00 July 3rd, 2019|LITERARY ARTS, PERFORMANCE ARTS, Special Announcements, THEATER ARTS, Uncategorized|

Special Announcement: The annual call for submissions in Russian Language is now closed The next special call for Russian Language submissions will open January 1, 2020. Russian writers may still submit in Russian in any [...]

June 2019

Featured Series of Close Readings: A Close Reading of Alice Walker’s “The Flowers” by Pamelyn Casto

By | 2019-06-28T14:44:23+00:00 June 28th, 2019|Academic, Close Reading, Fiction, Flash Fiction, LITERARY ARTS, Nonfiction, Personal Essay, Short Story|

Pamelyn Casto A Close Reading of Alice Walker's "The Flowers." Read the Story at http://theliterarylink.com/flowers.html "A Day in June" by Isaac Levitan This short-short story by Alice Walker is a powerful innocence-to-awareness piece. [...]

Featured Artist: Contributing Editor Vera Falenko talks with artist Azam Aktakhanov (Russian version)

By | 2019-06-28T15:10:35+00:00 June 28th, 2019|Academic, Artists, FEATURED, FEATURED ARTISTS, FEATURED FINE ARTISTS, INTERVIEWS, LITERARY ARTS, Nonfiction, Painting, STUDIO ARTS, Translation|

Интервью с Атахановым Азамом Атаханов Азам – художник, сочетающий в своём творчестве русскую и европейскую художественные традиции, родился в 1964 году в Душанбе, а в 1983 году окончил Республиканское художественное училище и отправился в Москву, [...]

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