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OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters

Vision Statement:
Open: Journal of Arts & Letters is a privately-owned publication that offers a range of contemporary aesthetic
experiences made available through several media platforms.

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters has as its primary ambition to gather, publish, and popularize notable
contemporary writing and other fine arts and to promote the work of its contributors to a varied and
discerning audience in the English-speaking world and beyond.

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters offers its audience the opportunity to sample an array of artistic expressions
presented by both emerging and established contemporary artists, writers, musicians, and videographers
from around the world.

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters has two guiding principles that inform its editorial practice:

  1. to promote and publicize our artists and writers aggressively through social media to an appreciative
    audience of devoted, generous patrons
  2. to create an atmosphere without hostility wherein important conversations concerning the arts and
    the human condition may be carried on rationally and civilly, away from the ideological echo
    chambers of contemporary world politics

Open: Journal of Arts & Letters was founded in 2017 in support of a personal aesthetic.



Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, LLC
Registered in Montana, USA.

Executive Editor:
Cutter Streeby

Executive Assistant, Interviews:
B.J. Streeby

Editorial Assistant, Interviews:
Sierra N. Maye

Associate Editor, Poetry & Prose:
Jeff Streeby

Jeff Streeby, a Pushcart Prize nominee and a nominee for Sundress Press’ Best of the Net Anthology, holds a
Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry from New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire. He is a
frequently published mainstream poet whose work has appeared in over 40 literary journals in the US, the
UK, Ireland, and Asia, including Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, Naugatuck River Review, Rattle, and
Whiskey Island (see current publications under “Recently Published Work” at
www.jeffstreebyauthorizedsite.com ). His haibun “El Paso: July” was selected by Robert Olen Butler for
inclusion in The Best Small Fictions 2015 from Queen’s Ferry Press. He is a writing consultant for second-
language academic writers working in English. He has over 30 years experience as a teacher of English
language and literature at secondary and university levels. He currently resides in Michigan.

Associate Editor, Art & Design:
Kalireyna Streeby

Art Director:
J.L. Jacobs

J.L. Jacobs, MFA, Brown University, is the author of four volumes of poetry. Work has appeared in
numerous journals including Ploughshares, New American Writing, New Orleans Review. Representative work is
anthologized in American Poetry: The Next Generation, Carnegie Mellon UP. She is currently a nominee for
Poet Laureate of Oklahoma. She studied with John Yau and Keith Waldrop at Brown, and has continued a
Mixed-Media Artist practice from teaching Art&Image at Brown Learning Committee to offering a
workshop on Twaiku (Micro-poetry & Image) at upcoming OKC Literary Festival. She has offered her
work from Coffeehouse Exhibits to Deep Step Come Shining with C.D. Wright & Deborah Luster, Poet’s
Theatre, NYC. Streets as Elsewhere by J.L. Jacobs “The Leaves in her Shoes” by J.L. Jacobs.

Managing Editor:
Amy Jacoby

Production Editor, Web Log:
Tim Bennett

Chief Designer, Web/PDF:
Wesley Rowbotham

Contributing Editor, Flash Fiction:
Pamelyn Casto

Pamelyn Casto, a Pushcart Award nominee, has published feature-length articles on flash fiction in issues of
Writer’s Digest (and in their other publications) and at Fiction Southeast.  She has an essay on flash fiction and
myth in Rose Metal Press’s Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips From Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field
and an 8,000-word essay on flash fiction in Books and Beyond: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of New American
Reading.  Another of her articles will be included in the forthcoming collection Critical Insights: Flash Fiction.

Contributing Editor, Graphic Novels/Stories:
Tim Bennett

Contributing Editor, Art:

Promotions Management:
RocketLovesMarketing: http://www.rocketlovesmarketing.com/